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barbie dolls by LittleB100Bird :gift: Emma Page Doll by LittleB100Bird
(both made by :iconlittleb100bird:) <== totally recommend her :>

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some wonderful random art ~
anyway i was tagged and i can already hear the ppl just either deleting this or leaving to delete it or ignoring it i mean hell i dont even know 
if anyone reads journals anymore so SCREW IT 

btw im not posting the rules cause it tell me " I MUST post these rules" and it has nothing to do with giraffes so their meaningless 
im not letting words tell me what to do unless its from this beautiful thing right here Cookienumster or unless its from me other fam members (totally check them out their rad) LittleB100Bird , Blainfox101 ,Mizunashi-Chan,NineTails-Senpai, DragoelX99( <== this one is even doing point commissions so if ya want check that out O3 O)

Super tiny Cookie bullet~ Free to use! by Smash-chu Do you like waffles, pancakes, and or french toast?
I love waffles and french toast but i dont like pancakes for some reason O3 O tho tho i also doo love crapes they are wonderful 

Super tiny Cookie bullet~ Free to use! by Smash-chu How 'bout that airline food?
what is up with airline food No seriously whats up with it ? NO FUCKING SERIOUSLY that stuff tastes disgusting i mean the best thing i ate on an airplane was
this drier than me being thrown into a dryer machine filled with sand and whites but no soap and then not being ironed correctly dry it was horrible it was a pretzel 

Super tiny Cookie bullet~ Free to use! by Smash-chu Favorite art medium?
digital cause ye  

Super tiny Cookie bullet~ Free to use! by Smash-chu How many sonas do you have?
..the moment i see this i completely forget no joke im sorry i cannot answer it for i do not have the motivation to remember the answer 

Super tiny Cookie bullet~ Free to use! by Smash-chu Favorite cookie?
you of course <w < 

Super tiny Cookie bullet~ Free to use! by Smash-chu Would you smooch a ghost? 
heeeeeeeck yeee, id be scared as hell but id do it 

Super tiny Cookie bullet~ Free to use! by Smash-chu Have you/will you/ or do you even want to/ try those challenges on DA (100 theme, 30 day, etc.)
no cause i know for a fact id either forget or be too lazy one day and ruin it 

Super tiny Cookie bullet~ Free to use! by Smash-chu Favorite OC?
..whose OC ? like mine ? fluffs ? yours ? blains ? ....( answers are: Emma, her personas and Eheste, and really so many too count i mean she has gay bots now and their awesome, loved cooks persona too man but tbh i havent really seen any OCs of cooks and my fav from blains is blains and jone O3 O ) 

Super tiny Cookie bullet~ Free to use! by Smash-chu Yes, butts?
yes of course my butt lord, may you bless me with that foine ass 

Super tiny Cookie bullet~ Free to use! by Smash-chuMaking questions is hard?
heck ye man thats why im not doing any hahahahahahahaa


PURP13PROB13MS's Profile Picture
United States
Name: Carmen ( original name was τέρας (téras))
Age: 19
Birthday : July 10
Species: Chimera ( dragon version)
Height: 5'11
sexuality: Bi
relationship status: taken~ by :iconaskboandfenris:’s adorable Molly
powers: can breath Fire, great agility and can Fly
likes: books (any kind), videogames, rock music ,loose clothes, funny T shirts, big comfy blankets and hot tea and Molly~
dislikes: Being called a monster and feeling different , fancy clothes , her wings, her old name, her parents, fighting, spears or whips (find them barbaric and meaningless but is secretly afraid of them)
physical appearance/build: shes curvy , scaly on her back a bit on account of her wings , strong enough to protect herself

living: lives with girlfriend

personality: can come off cold at first but once you get to know her …shes still kinda cold but sees you better than most and wouldn’t mind talking to you. Shes a bit of a nerd with a short temper but can give the best advice when she can and is very bright. She usually talks with a bit of mature words from all the books. She can be sweet at rare times usually when she knows others aren’t around or if she respects you greatly

Back story: was born in a village up in the mountains in the far west and the village was a place for monster like creatures they loved being feared. Except for her instead she just wanted to live a normal life and to be seen as any other person. But others feared her because of what she is and her ancestry and what their known for being the villains. Her parents didn’t like her for being so different and for hating what she is they tried to change her as much as they could but no training they gave her helped it just made her hate them more. When she was 13 she ran away from home and started a new life but always fearing her parents might find her one day and destroy her happiness once again.

Name: Emma
age: looks 18 but is immortal ( doesn’t know her birthday)
sex: Female
height : 5'6
species: Bird Creature
sexuality: straight
relationship status: Taken ~by :iconblainfox101:'s Blain
powers: flying at high speeds (fastest she can fly naturally is mach 3 ) , talking to animals, and fire from magic ring
likes: exploring , flying ,animals, making friends, helping any way she can, adventures, pulling pranks, practicing fighting skills and likes to tease those who obviously like another
dislikes: ghosts and demons (scared of them) , ocean (is very afraid of drowning), being sheltered, being flirted with or hit on, getting embarrassed and being clumsy
physical appearance/build: light and thin, average curvy, bright blue eyes, prefers light and comfy warm clothing

living: I can sleep anywhere – Emma

Personality: a fun loving, curious girl who enjoys to have adventures with friends and always tries to enjoy life to the fullest. Neutral Good, Brave, kind and protective also a bit of a prankster and a bit too blunt for her own good but she tries her best to be nice with everyone she meets

Backstory: after the last encounter with her parents she wasn’t all carefree she was very serious at a point of her life when she desperately wanted to know what kind of species she was, she once did have a home but mostly used it as a place to research species and worlds. She hardly ever left her home and didn’t make any friends for her first hundreds of years but realizing what she had done to herself she set out to go look for herself but instead she made many friends and forgot about the obsession of to know what she is and instead to just have a good time.


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